OSRS Woodcutting

November 18, 2022

OSRS Woodcutting

In OSRS woodcutting is one of the skills i believe you should invest your time early in the game, since it supplements a lot of other skill you might want to level and also allows you to get a bit of a fast travel with building canoes.

The best way to level woodcutting is to simply get an axe, find the highest level of trees you can cut and start chopping them up. A few ways to increase your EXP rate is to get a lumberjack outfit(which gives you 2.5% extra xp) or to use Dragon axe or even better an Infernal axe, with both of them giving you a boost of +3 to your skill with Infernal axe also giving you a 1/3 chance to also burn the logs, leveling your firemaking while you're grinding woodcutting. I'd also advise you to use the best axe you can use, since in OSRS you don't have to equip your axe to cut down the trees.


Im going to list my favourite spots by level increments. Starting with simple normal trees you can find pretty much every where you should chop these down till you hit 15, upgrading your iron axe to a black axe at level 11. When you hit 15 Id advise you to move on to oak trees which you can find behind the Lumbridge castle, you can upgrade to mithril axe at 21. At 30 you will want to move on to Willows which if you're a non-member you can find south of Draynor Village. You can pretty much stick to willows to level 99. Easy right ?

Well that's my guide for woodcutting in OSRS, it's pretty simple, but if you hold on to your logs, you should be able to level firemaking, fletching and construction a lot faster, using just the logs you got from leveling woodcutting.