Minecraft Says it Wants nothing to do with NFTs

December 24, 2022

Minecraft Says it Wants nothing to do with NFTs

While some industries are still weighing in on NFTs, the videogame community is making it clear that NFTs stand as "No F'n Thank" in their industry.

Mojang Studios, which developed the immensely popular video game Minecraft, is the latest company to oppose non-fungible tokens.

The Minecraft company stated today in a statement that it will not allow any kind of NFT or blockchain integration to its game.

Mojang Studios and Minecraft gave a few reasons why they oppose NFTs. They made it clear that fake shortage plays a significant part in it. NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens or digital assets, are digital assets that are stored on a blockchain. To declare ownership of a piece of NFTs, a unique token is created and linked to a media file.

This statement clearly states that Minecraft supports monetization and uses the Minecraft server example to illustrate this. The developer is opposed to NFTs because they would alter the gameplay and give players with more money an advantage in-game.

The statement states that blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated into Minecraft client and server apps, nor can they be used to create NFTs associated to any in-game content including worlds and skins, persona items, and other mods.

The developer raised concerns about the trustworthiness and fraud of third-parties that mint Minecraft-related NFTs.

Molly White, the Web3 is Going Great website, succinctly stated that "No blockchain for a block game" The website monitors the scams, frauds and drama in the Web3 world. This includes NFT projects and cryptocurrencies.

White points out that the value of Minecraft NFT projects, both unauthorized and existing, fell after Mojang Studios' announcement. NFT Worlds, also associated with a token, saw both the token's value and its NFT floor prices plummet by more than 70%.

Mojang Studios, Minecraft's video game company, is not the first to avoid NFTs. Gamers have stated that they don't like the idea of buying NFTs in addition to the video games they already own. The industry has followed their lead and listened to their anti-NFT opinions. Sony just announced Playstation Stars, a loyalty program that rewards players with digital collectibles. These digital collectibles are not NFTs, the company stated.

"It's certainly not NFTs. Absolutely not. They can't be traded or sold. It is not leveraging any Blockchain technologies and certainly not NFTs," Grace Chen, Sony's VP of network advertising and loyalty, said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Mojang Studios ended its statement by stating that they would monitor the development of blockchain technology for future use cases. However, this leaves the door open to potential uses based on current possibilities. However, gamers who hate NFTs will be able to take another win, at least for the near future.