Kudos OSRS

January 10, 2023

Kudos OSRS

I've been playing alot of OSRS on a private RuneScape server. So today I'm going to talk to you about kudos. No, not the the social kind, but the ones you can get in OSRS by doing tasks for the Varrock museum.


There are four tasks that grant kudos in the museum. The two most efficient ones are completing quests for historian Minas which grants the most at 75 kudos and the next one is completing the fossil exhibits which grants a bit less at 72 kudos and the other two are cleaning the exhibits and completing the quiz correctly at 50 and 28 kudos apiece.

Kudos uses

In OSRS kudos are mostly use to unlock the dig site and the fossil island where members can train their skills. Unlocking it is also a sign of mastery of the game.

Lets meet up in OSRS, which you can play as a member for free!