Runescape private servers

A RuneScape private server in some cases also known as RSPS, is an custom runescape gaming server based on the original RuneScape’ server. Now, unlike the original Runescape game, which is managed by Jagex, a private runescape servers are managed by individuals, friends or small online teams which ensure servers keep running.

Even though private runescape servers have the same looks as real RuneScape servers, it is in many cases not even close to same thing. Runescape can be completely modified by the manager usually known was owner of the RSPS. One of the many reasons why many people prefer a RSPS over real RuneScape servers, is the fact that it’s usually easier to gain high levels and collect rare RuneScape items. Furthermore in some cases, the managers of these RuneScape private servers even create custom items that cannot be collected on original RuneScape servers.

As many of you may have expected, RuneScape servers and RSPS are two completely separate concepts of servers. You will also have to register new account on private runescape servers since those can not use your real RuneScape information.